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Our Services

Alpha Contracting offers comprehensive interior design and renovation services for Sales Halls, Show Flats, Offices, Clubhouses, Residential, and Retail spaces. Our expert team ensures each project combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, tailored to enhance your space and reflect sophistication and style. Trust us to transform your interior vision into reality with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Sales Hall, Show Flat and Sales Office

We specialize in creating engaging Sales Halls, Show Flats, and Sales Offices with bespoke designs that not only reflect the unique qualities of each property but also enhance the buying experience through strategic layout and aesthetic appeal.


Our Clubhouse interior service is tailored to create exclusive havens of leisure and luxury, combining comfort and contemporary design to deliver an exceptional relaxation and social environment for discerning communities.


Our Retail interior design and renovation service is geared towards creating visually stunning and practical commercial spaces that attract customers, enhance their shopping experience, and elevate the brand's presence.

Off-site mock up

Our Off-site mock-up service facilitates a seamless construction process, allowing for detailed inspection and adjustments of materials and designs, ensuring the final on-site execution is flawless and aligns with client expectations.


We provide Residential renovation services that transform living spaces into personalized sanctuaries. Our designs are custom-crafted, focusing on functionality, style, and the unique lifestyle needs of each homeowner.


Our Corporate design solutions redefine work environments by crafting spaces that reflect a company's ethos, stimulate productivity, and foster a creative and collaborative atmosphere for employees and clients alike.

Why Choose Alpha?

Color Palette

Tailored Design Expertise

With Alpha Contracting Limited, every project benefits from our deep understanding of the unique design requirements that come with different types of spaces. From residential to corporate, we bring a nuanced approach to each project, ensuring that the final product is not only visually stunning but also perfectly suited to the client's needs and the space's intended use.
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